Ginga Finance Activates the First $BNB Mixer on Binance Smart Chain

Ginga Finance, a project bringing the best of cryptocurrency decentralization and Manga, launched the $BNB Mixer DApp on December 7, 2021.

The $BNB Mixer dApp is one of Ginga Finance’s first core features. It is deployed on the transparent and public smart contract platform, Binance Smart Chain. However, as you may know, the public blockchain is transparent. Third-party users can track transactions between wallet addresses. Advanced analytics can also decrypt the identities behind the sending or the receiving wallet addresses.

The Mixer utility breaks the link between the source and destination wallet addresses and makes it impossible to track on-chain transactions. It will thus enhance their user’s privacy and help prevent possible harm from peeping eyes. 

How To Use?

Provide the wallet address that is to be the destination wallet. Note that the sending and destination addresses cannot be from exchanges or contracts.

Set a time delay if the default of 5 minutes is not what you want. A differential timer is to further increase the privacy level of the link between the sending wallet and the destination wallet. The maximum delay you may set is 1,440 minutes (1 day).

Input the user secret code and discount code if you have them available. A user secret code is for returning users to avoid getting back the tokens that they may have previously sent to our Mixer for mixing. It is just yet another level of redundant security we offer but not necessary as we always have a pool of already mixed tokens for your transactions.

Upon the data entry of the required information, click “Mix my BNB”.

Write down (copy & paste) the wallet address you need to send your $BNB to and your guarantee code.

Log in to your personal cryptocurrency wallet you are sending the $BNB from. Enter the wallet address you were given in Step (5). Input the amount of $BNB you want to mix. The minimum amount of $BNB to mix is at least 0.1. Approve the transaction and click send.

When we receive your tokens, the magic of mixing begins.The mixed tokens will be sent to the destination wallet you provided from Step (1) after your preset delay.