Darknet Bitcoin Mixer BestMixer.IO Secures its Site with Tor Compatible Website Version

When making cryptocurrency transactions on the dark net, it’s a good idea to ensure that your transactions are always anonymous, not only to protect personal details such as your address from criminals, but also from other individuals or agencies that want to track your transactions. Bitcoin mixer BestMixer delivers anonymity levels not available anywhere else in the industry. is serious about anonymity and security, and has added a Tor-compatible website version to its product offering. If you surf the dark net, or value your privacy highly, you’re probably already familiar with Tor (The Onion Router) software used for anonymous communication. Third-party bitcoin mixers protect the privacy of users by breaking the connection between the address, the crypto used, and the receiving address. These connections are broken by sending other people’s coins to you and your coins to them. Transfer amounts can also be randomized by applying delayed payments, or splitting transactions. If you are new to cryptocurrency tumbling, BestMixer will assist by providing a step-by-step video tutorial on how to use a bitcoin mixer. This video is aimed at guiding you on how to mix coins properly. BestMixer has also developed the first of a kind Mixing Strength Meter to help their users. This feature is unique and assists users with determining whether the correct mixing principles are applied.  

Transaction Anonymity is Improved by Releasing Three Types of Reserves

Most bitcoin mixers use a single reserve for payments to new clients. This is based on the traditional ‘client-to-client’ model used for mixing bitcoins. To improve transaction anonymity, BestMixer recently released a feature that provides three types of reserves. The Alpha pool uses the traditional model, while the Beta pool consists of crypto from large-scale Alpha pool transactions, supplemented by investors' coins and private reserves. On the other hand, the Gamma pool reserves are made up from only private reserves and investors' coins. The Gamma pool will be of interest to individuals that want to break the connection between their old address and a new one. They can also be sure that they are obtaining their coins from a reliable source. BestMixer.IO bitcoin mixer charges a low commission of 1% on mixing from the Alpha pool and decreases it to 0.5% when a cumulative code is used. As both the Beta and Gamma pools have more maintenance, the fees for these are higher than for the Alpha pool. In addition, the BestMixer team recently announced an important update to the system. Now, all clients can make anonymous cryptocurrency payments (or mass payments) for all kinds of services and products on the Internet in more convenient way. It is crucial to keep your cryptocurrency transactions anonymous on the web. Even more so if you transact on the dark net. is without a doubt the best bitcoin mixer around. They are simply streets ahead of their competitors due to their multiple layers of security and guaranteed anonymity.