ChipMixer - Tips for More Anonymity

1. Cut up Your Chips

By using splitting a chip you create chips each with 1/2 the value of the original chip. One zero.032 BTC chip would come to be 0.016 BTC chips, for instance. Any chip may be break up except for the bottom denomination that's zero.001 BTC.

2. Merge Your Chips

The alternative of splitting, merging takes two chips of identical values and combines them into one chip with twice the price of both authentic chip. For example, merging 0.032 BTC chips could result in one chip really worth 0.064 BTC. It's miles important to note that simplest chips of identical price may be merged in this manner.

3. Guess Your Chips

Making a bet adds a totally random element to the combination method that allows obfuscate your bitcoins even further. You may pick to bet a chip for double or not anything. Which means that both you win and you receive two times the chip’s unique price otherwise you lose and you get nothing.

4. Donate Your Chips

Donating a chip transfers it to ChipMixer’s very own account. Seeing that they don’t take any charges or commissions for the provider they offer, the donations are always welcome. You could donate any chip quantity you choose besides for those that are 1 bitcoin and better. Using the preliminary deposit example from above, you may pick to donate the smallest chip denomination you have (which in this case could be 0.004 BTC) or break up it and donate as plenty as you want.

5. Withdraw Your Chips

The entire factor of blending your bitcoins is to get them returned again so while you are ready to withdraw, your chips are removed from your listing and you are issued a personal key for each chip with an address containing its fee in bitcoin.

Chip withdrawals aren't seen on the blockchain and since the chips are pre-funded they can often seem to were created days before your deposit was made. This adds yet another layer of privacy on your bitcoin transactions.