C+Charge (CCHG) Review

C+Charge is a new-age payments app that enables mass adoption of carbon credits by rewarding EV owners for charging their vehicles.

The project has already caught investor attention while raising nearly $30,000 USDT within just a few days of its stage 1 presale launch. Investors have an opportunity to buy the $CCHG tokens at a low price of only 0.013 USDT at press time. Buyers should consider investing in $CCHG as the prices are expected to rise further in the coming stages.

The project has successfully identified the gaps in the EV charging payments industry and devised an effective structure to reward EV drivers with carbon credits for charging their vehicles at EV charging stations. 

EV owners have the option to offset their carbon footprint by simply using the $CCHG tokens to make payments for charging their EVs and receive carbon credits in return. The users can then store the $CCHG tokens and carbon credits in their crypto wallets.

Moreover, C+Charge has built an app for EV drivers that seamlessly helps them track their carbon credit balances. Besides, vehicle owners can also see real-time data relating to pricing, waiting times at charging stations, and so on.

The platform’s unique app also has a geolocation feature that enables EV drivers to conveniently locate the nearest charging station. Investors can also read the project’s whitepaper to get a deeper understanding of its features.

$CCHG Tokenomics

$CCHG token is at the center of the platform’s ecosystem. The BEP-20-based token is a limited supply token with a supply cap of 1 billion tokens. From the total supply, only 40% of the tokens would be available for sale via the project’s presale stages.

Importantly, whenever a user utilized $CCHG to make payments, the tokens are taken out of the project’s ecosystem. This property ensures a consistent demand by making $CCHG deflationary. Currently, buyers can buy $CCHG tokens at a relatively low price of 0.013 USDT per token. To stay updated, investors can consider joining the C+Charge Telegram channel.