Bitsgap Releases a Primary Platform Update Ahead of Christmas Sale

Bitsgap redesigns its three maximum famous trading bots beforehand of the 30% off Christmas sale marketing campaign.

Bitsgap, one in every of the biggest crypto aggregators, publicizes the complete remodel and replace of its three most famous crypto trading bots right earlier than the Christmas sale campaign, with all annual plans priced at 30% off.

Regardless of the latest market downturn and a long-term bearish trend inside the crypto panorama, Bitsgap feels extra assured than ever.

Over the last few months, the Bitsgap group has been running on something special for the Christmas season — a large update and a entire remodel of its most famous automatic buying and selling bots.

“For us, those months had been complete of extreme work. We positioned a lot of effort into including greater safety layers for our customers and growing new extremely good features,” says Max Kalmykov, CEO of Bitsgap.

“Now, we're excited to have finished the remodel of our trading bots in time for the Christmas sale so that everybody can benefit via subscribing at a 30% bargain.” 

“The team has been carefully following patron feedback to increase some thing each profitable and straightforward to release. We’re proud to mention we’ve carried out simply that — all bots can now begin with 3 easy clicks or be modified need to a consumer want to pursue a custom strategy.”

The 3 bots that re-emerged from this a success remodeling effort are DCA, GRID, and BTD. 

The up to date DCA bot allows customers to backtest towards ancient statistics and comply with a shorting strategy, that's specifically critical inside the modern downturn. Shorting gives traders the possibility to make the most of buying the bottom forex while its charge decreases and earn greater cash.

The GRID bot, the excellent bot on the market for a sideways go with the flow, now has a more user-pleasant UI with pre-constructed and custom techniques.

The buy the Dip strategy, an in particular popular bot amongst Bitcoin traders, has been revamped as a standalone BTD bot with notably successful subsidized-in default settings.

Beginning Dec 21, users who subscribe to any annual plan on Bitsgap acquire a 30% bargain. 

“The Christmas sale is a completely unique opportunity to subscribe to Bitsgap to keep 30% off the usual charge and experience the updated platform for the complete year,” keeps Max Kalmykov. 

“With our superior and seasoned annual plans, customers can launch as many as five-20 GRID bots, 10 DCA bots, and unlimited smart Orders. Every person can subscribe, shop, and change to earn more crypto in 2023!”

The Bitsgap Christmas sale will run from Dec 21 to 30, 2022. Users can subscribe or amplify their annual plans at the organisation’s internet site or the terminal to experience the updated capability at a discount.

About Bitsgap

Founded in 2016 in Estonia with the noble intention of making cryptocurrency buying and selling throughout more than one exchanges greater accessible and efficient, Bitsgap has grown into considered one of the biggest crypto aggregators with more than 15 connected exchanges, over one hundred crew contributors, and a large network of 500K+ traders. 

Bitsgap’s flagship product is a cloud-based, automatic crypto trading platform that offers customers with a whole suite of guide and automated trading tools like smart orders, buying and selling bots, and danger and portfolio control. Bitsgap specially takes satisfaction in its buying and selling bots — DCA and GRID — which have proven outstanding returns inside the crypto marketplace and attracted a big following with nearly 4M bots began and overall buying and selling volumes exceeding $300B in 2022.