Bitcoin Mixers and Tumblers

Traditional bitcoin mixers and tumblers integrate your bitcoins at the side of many other humans’s bitcoins and the mixer’s very own reserves as properly. Then they ship the equal of your authentic deposit in a person else’s bitcoins to the BTC address you specify.

The problem with this technique is that due to the fact all of the transactions are bitcoin transactions, they're all recorded at the blockchain and are therefore traceable. There's additionally an added hazard that if the bitcoins you acquire have been used for some thing illegal, that could, in theory, be traced back to you as well.

What's ChipMixer?

ChipMixer is distinct than every other bitcoin mixer that has come earlier than it. Rather than sincerely combining your bitcoins with those of different customers, they have got advanced a chip-primarily based machine that guarantees a miles extra degree of privateness. Right here’s how it works:

Whilst a person deposits bitcoin they acquire the equivalent in chips. Each chip has a pre-determined fee that is sponsored by way of Bitcoin addresses which have already been installation and pre-funded through ChipMixer. There are chips well worth .001 BTC, .002 BTC, .004 BTC, and so forth… all of the manner as much as 4.096 BTC.

In case you had been to deposit 0.1 BTC, as an example, you'll get hold of 3 chips well worth 0.064, 0.032, and zero.004 BTC respectively. For the reason that those chips have been already pre-funded before your deposit, there may be no hyperlink among them and your deposit at the blockchain.